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      I am brand new to all this, but I was having a problem with pixelation and someone here said to capture the video in avi format instead of the default wmv format that my Ulead was doing. Well, Ulead would not let me capture in avi for some reason, so I used the Windows Movie Maker that came on the computer. I captured it all in avi format, and the quality is FAR SUPERIOR. The problem now is that I am only like 30 minutes into the video, and already at almost 7 gigs. That’s an entire dvd. What do I do??? My video is going to be at least an hour. Do I compress it somehow? If so, do I lose the quality again??

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      The maximum bitrate for DVD video is 8MBps. However, recordable DVDs are not as reflective as stamped DVDs so it is highly recommended to not go above 7MBps. If you use 8MBps, your DVD could skip and choke while playing because the player can’t read it well enough to keep up. Its like driving a car with a dirty windshield in the glaring sun. If you can’t see you need to slow down or crash.

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