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      Hi all!

      Since you guys knows a lot of stuff, I thought you could give my your 2 cents on a subject…

      Since DVD LB PRO doesn’t accept AVI files, I need to convert my video files to MPEG, but keeping my 16X9 format… I saw you can export in MPEG mode with Premiere Pro 2.0

      So, I need a software (the best and user friendly if possible) to convert. I tried many of them, but they always resize4X3 my video… which I don’t want them to do, even though my “RESIZE” option is unchecked.

      So, what’s your best bet ?

      Thank you very much!


      Braintree, Mass 02184

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      What have you tried already?

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      Absolute Video Converter

      IMTOO video converter

      Total Video Player

      Total Video Converter

      Some of them have the options to keep the same ration, or not resize, but it doesn’t work…

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      Hmmm… I’m not familiar with any of these. Unfortunately, I’m most familiar with the common commercial titles, which means anything I recommend may cost you more money in the end. So, I’m guessing you don’t a video editing application. Interestingly most converter software titles are simply being packaged with video editing applications so the end user doesn’t need two different applications to capture, edit and produce MPEG2 video for DVD.

      Here’s one free alternative: http://online.movavi.com/

      The problem with Movavi however is that you have to upload your video to their server. Then you have to download the converted file. That takes time. But if you video files are short it won’t take too long. They also have a video converter available for purchase or you can give it a free trial run. See it here: http://v4.movavi.com/videoconverter/download.html

      I don’t know if that will work. You may want to try some other applications. Take a look at Corel.com, Pinnaclesys.com, Adobe Premiere Elements at Adobe.com.


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      Give SUPER a try, it’s FREE. It has an option to not change aspect ratio.


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      Hi MSmart!

      I downloaded a copy of it. Looks like a freeware which can do a lot!

      But the thing is that my original file is about 500Megs. When I convert in MPEG-II it comes donw to a 5 or 7Megs file and the output is very compressed… Where in the program can I tell it to only convert, do not compress anything since I want the best quality for my new file… ?

      Thnak’s for your help! (I keep trying different settings)


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      Try Canopus ProCoder Express.

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      Jean, the default bitrate is quite low. Change the video bitrate to something like 9600 and audio bitrate to 384. You might also want to change the Sampling Freq to 44100. The video framerate may default to 25, change it to 29.97.

      I’m not an expert in converting avi to mpeg, but I think this should get you a file size closer to what you expect.

      I found this link http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/tutorial/bitrate.html which may help you understand how bitrates affect video quality.

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      You know your stuff. This is great with the new values.

      Thank’s also for the link, I look forward to read about it, since I never realy dealt with “bitrates” before.

      Also, thnak’s VLDR for your input. I’ll check out your recommandation too.

      Thank’s guys!

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