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      I used three camcorders to record a wedding. While editing during a song, I used the primary footage and overlayed a few places with video footage from the other cameras getting different angles of the singer for only a few seconds. While not usingtime code, I was able to sync the new cuts so that the audio and video are in great alignment. However… when I render to AVI the cuts were out of sync (their lips moved at different timing than the music). Any suggestions? when I rendered as a WMV file it stayed in perfect sync. Any help appreciated.

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      Since you’ve posted in the Sony Software forum, I am assuming you are editing in some version of Vegas.

      I’ve never encountered this particular problem and I routinely do multi-cam editing saved as an .AVI file. But if I encountered this problem, I’d try doing a pre-render of the area in question to be certain it remains in synch on the timeline. Then render the file again as an .AVI and see if the section you pre-rendered remained in synch.

      I do seem to recall that something similar happened to someone a while back. And several individuals responded with suggestions. Perhpas you may want to add a few details like, your NLE version, perhaps results from another format, how many frames out of synch is it (load the rendered .AVI into your NLE and it is easier to work out,) and to save time, just select a loop around your spot & render just the loop region. And then post again, but in general post-production.

      Good luck, who knows maybe the pre-render will help. I sure hope so!

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      is your software up to date? check to make sure you have the latest software version as your issue ‘may’ have been a problem with the initial release. could be a codec problem, have you loaded any codecs that did not come with the software?

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      Sorry for the delay… oops, yeah, I’m using Vegas Pro 8. The codec problem may be the answer. I bought Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 and my PC has acted crazy ever since I installed it. I ended up uninstalling it yesterday. Strange, I have tons more processor and memory than the program requires, but it bums out my system. Thinking back, the problem I had with the sync of the video never occurred until I installed this program. I’ll try it again now that I’ve uninstalled the Roxio.

      Thanks Barefoot and Johnboy!!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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