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    Is the image quality the same with these two formats or is the image in one better than the other.

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    One will test out better on the specs, but actually the results to the human eye are entirely subjective. Technically speaking AVCHD may be considered inferior due to its compression scheme although that compression scheme is highly regarded and becoming more widely accepted among HD enthusiasts, but again beauty is in the eye of the beholder between it and DVCPro HD on the screen.

    It all really depends on what your final production intent is: DVD, BluRay, broadcast, cable, etc.

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    Thanks for the information. I am studying film – whatever I buy will be old technology. My thougtht was to get the 150 because it is in the 3,000 touches on HD. If I wanted to burn BluRay will it look good? My goal is to keep cost down, when I graduate I will be more knowledgable then I would go for full HD P. Everything changes so rapidly I don’t want to go in to high expense.I am also bording fear of making a mistake

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