AVCHD uncompressed upon downoad???

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      I was just wondering. There is all all this hype about the AVCHD format.I know it is a very compressed HD format. Is it in an MPEG compression?

      So I was wondering if when it is transfered to the editing system ifit is uncompressed intoa fullsizedvideo or if the editing system is edits the original AVCHD compressed file?


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      AVCHD is recorded using MPEG-4 AVC(Advanced Video Codec) / H.264 compression.

      “So I was wondering if when it is transfered to the editing system ifit is uncompressed intoa fullsizedvideo or if the editing system is edits the original AVCHD compressed file?”

      I would imaging you would be editing compressed video. You can’t uncompress anything. Once something is compressed…it’s compressed.

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      It may not necessarily be referred to as “uncompressing” but different platforms, operating systems, software/hardware DO actually, depending on how their engineers determined the approach, PROCESS the material. Take iMovie ’08 for example. It actually often takes longer to transfer tapeless footage or AVCHD, from your camcorder into a Mac using this software because iMovie converts clips to smaller, more manageable size – in this case recompressing, or perhaps further compressing the footage.

      A person seeking answers to the myriad of questions regarding all these factors really, REALLY needs to do some serious research before committing. Sadly, most of us become a bit impatient with trying to get all the answers first (I am one of these) and sooner rather than later simply jumps in or on…later discovering a bit more information would have helped avoid a disappointment in our (my) initial decision.

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      Really…. I think its the 1000000th time that i say it in the forums, but here we go again….

      I have a Canon HR10 (which record AVCHD files into a mini-dvd) and i can edit it in Sony Vegas Pro 8 with no problems. I then then render the video as a AVI (or any other, depending in the situation) file, put some FXs in After Effects SC3 Pro. Back to Vegas, I do the final Edit and its perfecto. Even compressing it 3 times the movie (which i generally burn to a dvd), it looks PERFECT.! really. I have no problem with AVCHD. i think that DVDs (the media that i use) is much better than tape, cause it wont make a mess, and its hard to lose it, compared to a flash media.


      Hope have Helped,

      Me Caio, You Friend! =D

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      You don’t HAVE to change your friggin’ opinion. Glad you found AVCHD nirvana. Processing is occurring, recompression is occurring, loss of image quality is occuring, regardless of the condition of your eyesight, comparative evaluation on a variety of professional monitors, or personal and subjective opinions.

      Everybody’s OK with your assessment. I’m not trying to boink you, or convince you that you have made the mistake of the century and if you don’t get OUT of the AVCHD work environment you’re headed down the dustry road to doom.

      Just saying there are other experiences not so wonderful as yours. Also saying it depends a LOT on your expectations and needs. If you’re doing fun personal productions for show and share, the local (if you have one) public access channel, or wedding/event productions, and your production base is working. Be happy.

      I don’t think your solution to production, however, is commercially viable if you are targeting major distribution/production channels, HD broadcast, or high end corporate stuff.

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      I don’t mean to sound rude, but what’s your point? You open your post by saying “I think its the 1000000th time that i say it in the forums, but here we go again….” and you didn’t answer the initial question.

      brandon0409 first wanted to know if it was MPEG compression. Then he asked if it was uncompressed on the capture. What you’ve said “1000000 times on this forum” doesn’t even answer that.

      Second, AVCHD is highly compressed — more than HDV, which is known to be buggy. It’s very easy to look at AVCHD and compare it to to what we’ve all been watching for over 25 years — SD video. As a result, one ends up thinking AVCHD is absolutely amazing. Of course in comparison to SD it will look better; AVCHD has a higher resolution and will be sharper than SD. What one should do is compare AVCHD to something like, DVCProHD (aka compare HD video to HD video). I think when you do that, you’ll begin to see a difference….

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      What i meant to say was that people and the media often say that avchd is horrible, you can’t edit it, it’s the most horrible compression that ever existed and etc… i was one that heard that a lot from other people and decided not to buy a avchd cam, but after i got a good deal for a AVCHD cam, i forgot my decision.

      My purpose is to show Brandon that AVCHD isn’t a nightmare, that with any pc (my pc is not a dedicated pc for editing), you can edit the avchd video, like any other file format (at least with VEGAS PRO)….

      So therefore, Brandon, (not that Robert or Earl are doing that) don’t let other people say that AVCHD is a nightmare and stuff…it saves you the mess with tape. OH, and OF COURSE, if you want a DVCProHD cam, you can spend about$9,995.00…I know the difference between avchd and DVCProHD. i am not saying that AVCHD is THE BEST format that one could use. i never said that. i am saying that AVCHD have a really good video quality and is inexpensive.

      Another Thing, Robert, i am not a person that have been watching SD for 25 years (first, i dont even have 25 yrs, sec, i was born in the HD era =D).

      And Earl, when i say “I LOVE AVCHD AND I WONT CHANGE MY OPINION.” and don’t mean “STOP TELLING ME THAT AVCHD IS HORRIBLE, PLEASE!!” I mean “Brandon look, i really like avchd, and i think that if you at least tried it, i am sure you would know that its not that bad.” You know…That’s what the “I LOVE AVCHD” and the “I WONT CHANGE MY OPINION.” means.

      P.S.: Once, i shoot a video for the “National Junior Honor Society” group of my school, and the local news wanted to use it (i really think it’s becouse they had nothing to talk about). It was shoot in AVCHD and edited in Vegas Pro 8 and After Effects (for some FXs). It looked REALLY good on the TV. You could hardly tell the difference between the video and the Studio’s Image. (I am so proud of myself =D )

      Well, hope i have explained better,


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      Born in the HD era? HD isn’t even standard yet…

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      You mean you’re ONLY five years old and already shooting and editing! Wow! πŸ™‚ Enjoy, and yes, I understand your point.

      The main point would be to get the tools within you budget limit that come closest to matching your production needs. Compromise ONLY if you HAVE to!

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      I was kidding in the “born in the HD era”….. thats why i put the “” =D “” after it.

      but anyway, we are heading to it.

      And Earl, How did You know that i am five years old? (it was supposed to be a secret…)

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      Thanks for all the responses,

      Actually though, I was just looking for the technical side of things because I was curious.

      I know that MPEG is difficult to edit because of the keyframes it uses to pull information for later frames. Basically, if you delete one of the keyframes then a later from will lose some quality.

      So I was just wondering with AVCHD, if it is an MPEG compression wouldn’t the keyframe scenerio be a problem here as well?

      That is why I was wondering if, somehow, when you import it into your editing software, if it scanned through the video and created nice usable frames (that are completely independant of one another), then creates a new video file of uncompressed HD footage.

      Obviously this would make the video much larger than the original because it would be uncompressed now. But wouldn’t it make sense? Since editing an MPEG degrades the final video?

      I thought I’d heard this one time before. Or am I just imagining things?


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