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Hello Sony vegas Pro Expert Video maker.

I wanna ask about the "best' way to edit avchd then burn into dvd disc(4,7Gb) that have a 'best quality"

when I have been done edit avchd in sony vegas pro 11, what step should I do to render so I can burn into DVD Disc(4,7GB) that compatible to almost dvd players.

is'nt it from FILE - Render AS - ...

or TOOLS - Render as New Track - ...

then what output setting for it? DVD Architect or Program Stream PAL/NTSC?

FYI, I'm using sony HDR-XR150E.

thank you so much.

sorry for my bad english

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You can burn a DVD (or a Blu-Ray disc) directly from the timeline. I don't have the program open infront of me, but I'm pretty sure it's "Tools>burn DVD disc, or Tools>burn Blu-Ray disc" Really simple. I use this all the time to make Blu-ray discs.


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thanks for the reply :)

but Im still 'confused' about the output setting when rendering.

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All DVD disks have to be in MPEG2 file format and have a specific file structure, if you want the DVD to play in any DVD player on the planet That structure can be seen here - http://www.asimplelife.ca/dvd.html Thus you will loose the HD quality of your files when you put them on a DVD


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thanks for the reply, i'm understand a little bit about the render setting, :)