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      Hi all

      Please help!

      I have just purchased a Sony HDR-TG3 and I’m very pleased with it so far, however the Sony software that came with it promised so much but as usual delivered very little. The one touch burn to DVD hasreports “anunknown error has occured” and the rest is slow slow!.

      Basically all I want to do for now is record family stuff and get it to DVDin the best quality and easiest way.I am happy to buy what ever software i need so please help!

      I don’t have Bluray, I do have a pretty powerfull PC Dual Core 3500+ 4gb Mem 10.000rpm Raptor drive and an ATI X1800XT 512mb, Samsung DL Burner……..


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      OK first off, we all need to realize that any software that comes with a camera is gonna be a piece of junk. You don’t get a camera because you need software, you get a camera because you need a camera. I’m saying this to the whole world, not just you, so please don’t take offence. This just bothers me really bad.

      If you want real software, then you’ll want to go get some software. For your situation, the perfect setup is Sony Vegas and DVD Architect. Sony cameras will work well with Sony software. Sony Vegas takes AVCHD like I eat hamburgers – VERY easily. DVD Architect works amazingly with Vegas. PC/Windows is the best computer for this, so good for you,since it sounds like you already have that.

      All you do when you’re done in Vegas is render out the movie as MPEG 2 format. Then import into DVD Architect and burn, baby, burn. Sony has great tech support and the software is amazing. You’ll have a lot of fun!

      Go to http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/to buy DVD A and Vegas. If you get a free camera with it, let me know. LOL

      Good luck! chris of colorado

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      OK first off, we all need to realize that any software that comes with a camera is gonna be a piece of junk.

      LOL. indeed

      I agree though. Since you seem to be an average consumer looking to make enjoyable home videos, Vegas will be a good choice for your PC. Adobe Premiere may be a little over the top.

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      One more thing – If you’re just looking to do basic editing, Sony has a sub $100 version of Vegas called Vegas Movie Studio Platinum that will work with AVCHD. The biggest difference between this and the Pro version is the VMS version limits you to four video tracks and four audio tracks.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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