AVCHD & SD, PIP, Split Screen, best use of frame sizes?

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      I have two cameras. One shoots in 1920×1080 AVCHD format, the other in
      standard definition 720×480 DV-AVI format. From what I understand, the
      720×480, when viewed on a computer monitor is actually 640×480, is this
      correct? Is the 1920×1080 still 1920×1080 when viewed on the computer
      monitor (already is square pixels)?

      Suppose I want to use SD footage as a PIP, or a split screen type
      arrangement with the AVCHD video. Not sure if this is an answerable
      question, but what would be the best arrangement of frame sizes/re-sizing in order
      to achieve the most visible usage of the two videos? The combined size
      of the two frames does not have to be 1920×1080, it can be less. The ultimate usage of the video will be a downloadable commercial product (not DVD) I’ve already tested putting both types of footage in my NLE (Vegas Movie Studio 11) and it seems to handle the two types of footage just fine.. Let me
      know if my question is not clear and I can try to clarify.

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