AVCHD .mts to Standard DVD in Sony Vegas and DVD Architect?!

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When I drop my AVCHD .mts clips from my Canon HF10
camera into Sony Vegas Platinum
(consumer version), and then use the make DVD wizard, it renders and
then sends my media files to DVD architect 4.5 and then burns my DVD to
look spectacular. This is fantastic because my project I'm working on
is going on
4.7GB DVDs for commercial DVD players or computers. I simply shot in HD
because I wanted the option in the future to burn to Blu-ray, but won't
be doing that as of yet.

I don't want to use Sony Vegas Platinum though....I want more
advanced options and more options later for BluRay, etc etc etc and thus
need to edit, render, send the edited/rendered files to DVD architect
pro 5.0, and then burn to DVD using Sony Vegas Pro, not Platinum.

Sony Vegas Pro does not have this streamlined "make DVD" option like
the nice consumer version does.
After editing in Vegas Pro, I have to manually render my project using
the plethora
of options available, which honestly, I don't know much about. I've
tried rendering using NTSC widescreen for DVD architect (MPEG-2), I've
tried HDV with high settings, etc etc etc and when I drop these rendered
files into DVD Architect, they don't turn out well quality-wise like
they did in Sony Vegas Platinum using the automatic make DVD settings.
simply want to render these edited .mts files to a format that DVD
architect will like and then burn in high quality so my DVDs look good
on any DVD player with a standard monitor or HD monitor. Vegas
does a great job, but it's unknown to me what it is doing behind the
scenes to render my files before it sends them off to DVD architect.
Obviously it works great given my test with Vegas Platinum and native
.mts files, but I have no idea what Vegas Platinum is doing to convert
or render these editing .mts files to make them still high quality and
smooth for DVD architect. I just need to know how to replicate this
process manually in Vegas Pro and I'm set.

So to recap, and in a nutshell, I need to know what render settings
to choose in Vegas Pro after editing my .mts files natively so I can
then send them over to DVD architect pro 5.0 and burn my project to a
DVD without loss of visual quality.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I feel your pain. I am having exactly the same problem. I am discussing it with a few guys in the dvd authoring forum @


Check out some of the suggestions they are giving me. I hope we can figure this out

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Yeah. I think that mts files are system hogs. When I edit, I set the preview settings to auto, I disable my internet connection and disable any running functions of norton anti-virus to free up cpu resources. this usually makes editing more bearable. I am running a AMD dual core @ 3.2 ghz on windows xp at 32 bits. So you should see a bigger difference than I do. this should help you.

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I am using Vegas Pro 8.0 with DVD Architect 4.5, if you go to VASST web site and order their training DVD's you will get the information you need. They helped me tremendously. One of them is on sale. I ordered "Getting started with DVD Architect Volume 3" and Vegas Pro 8 "Vegas 8 Update". They also have some free plug ins for Vegas. their web site is (www.vasst.com) I added parenthesis.

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then import to dvd architect

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Just a quick note on Wyz3rd's post above.... apparently the CPU he was using is a dog, http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_lookup.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i7+720QM+%40+1.60GHz and I'm actually relieved to hear that such a CPU can still work at all... I'm a newbie sorting out my purchase choices of a new computer...

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seems this thread has a long time thing, but I still want to post here just for some guys who may encounter this kinda problem, expecially for those newbie. Easiest way I found is use a converter app to help, I fond it in download.cnet, free mts/m2ts converter which comes from pav. you can have a try , it's free and output quality is not bad. Saving me bunch of time for searching the solution of my problem.

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There's no need to download a converter. Any decent computer these dyas can easily handle AVCHD footage. Besides, some of these converters install substandard codecs that can take over your existing good codecs and mess up your system.