AVCHD, MT2S, Conversion, Why Issues?

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      I must say the most recent two topics



      Left me dazed and confused. I know many here use Sony, After Effects and other very costly programs, and I had assumed they all did what mine does. But I seem to have been mistaken.
      I got my start using VideoStudio 11.5, then to X3, X4, and now X5, always the Ultimate versions. (there was no X2). It was VSX4 that came out with full AVCHD, BD and mt2s, as well every format support. X5 now picks up the rest, HTML5. When X4 was first released it was the only NLE for a few months that supported mt2s format. In fact Adobe released a rushed version to catch up. So for a while only 2 NLE’s supported AVCHD, mt2s, and BD. So I took it for granted that the big guns were fully on board by now. But I suppose I am wrong?

      So to clear this up. VideoStudio X5 U, Does in fact support, AVCHD, mt2s, BD, HTML5, and every other codec. It will also convert AVCHD (mt2s) on the fly to ANY other format, (it may take time with larger files that what night time is for). But it sounds like these costly programs are not keeping pace with VSX5, and the new VSX5 has all the NewBlue Effects, ProDAD, Boris, 500 music tracks mixes, title effects and transitions and ready made (insert your own persona info) task. So I guess i did good by staying with VideoStudio, what I have I thought was the lower end of the pool, I guess I am a better swimmer then I thought. (he turns and pats self on back)

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      <p class=”post”>

      m2ts is AVCHD and is also a BD stream – not sure
      why so many different names for the same thing. Sure the BD stream can
      have a slightly different file extension for a slightly different use,
      but it is still an AVCHD stream in the end.

      Anyhow, in the NLE world it is not uncommon for consumer NLEs to have
      some neat features before the pro end end up with them. Many times way
      more features than you will ever need but when you pack more in, people
      will buy! I still used Pinnacle Studio now and then to use Magic
      Bullet Looks ($100 for Pinnacle vs $500 to buy the plug-in and put it in
      Vegas to do the same thing), along with some New Blue stuff. I DID get
      MBL for Vegas after Pro 11 hit due to the rendering being so much
      faster but I still could have saved money – time is money to me.

      Also I believe in the early days of AVCHD it was largely considered a consumer format – and only recently has been given the recognition it deserves professionally.

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      @doublehamm – I still have Vegas Pro 8 installed on my box because of MB Movie Looks (which came as a freeebie with Pro 6). It does effect my workflow but money is tight right now and it cost $0 to keep it alongside Pro 11 (which came with NewBlueFX’s Pro Titler – have you played with that yet?).

      Now if Sony would only do something with Cinescore….

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       I too have been using Corel (Ulead) since ver. 9 and marvel that it supports so many formats. I use it as a converter program because I much prefer Premiere Pro for editing but when people come to me with files Adobe won’t lower it self to acknowledge I never have a problem. Nice as it is to have a program to convert with, it doesn’t have a lot going for it ‘audio’ wise. Audacity came in handy before I bought Adobe.

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      @Bruce, on Audio Corel does fall short, and as you have I use Audacity for serious audio editing. Corel does have the ability to alter a few audio settings and volume within a single track, I do hope however that the next versions focuses on audio adjustments.

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