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      Hi there,

      Sorry to bother you all but I was wondering if anybody could help me with a couple of queries!

      I have a Canon HG10 which is wonderful little camcorder which I’m told shoots in AVCHD. Now, I always thought it filmed .mov because that’s what it comes up as when I upload the footage on to imovie.

      I was recently helping my mother choose a camcorder and did some research as she doesn’t have a Mac but a PC so I was looking for compatibility issues etc. Anyway I’ve found a lot of people saying that imovie’11 doesn’t have support AVCHD and also found out that that is supposedly what my Canon HG10 films in.

      So my question in why does my Canon work fine (and come up as .mov files) when working with imovie…yet everybody says AVCHD doesn’t work with imovie?

      And my second question, I may be looking to upgrade my camcorder to a mid-level Canon XA10 HD ‘pro’ camera, which also films in AVCHD. But I don’t want to buy it and find that it won’t work with imovie or other Mac editing software. (I’m learning Express and Pro but imovie is just sooooo much easier to use!).

      So is there anyway I can find out once and for all, whether it will work on a Mac?

      (And as a little aside: if there are so many problems with AVCHD compatibility and editing, why do so many of the camcorders these days use it?!)

      Thank you in advance for your help

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