AVCHD files edited for Standard DVD player ? HELP :(

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      How do I edit the AVCHD files to a standard DVD player?

      I worked out how to burn the HD footage to a DVD but it is still in HD format and will only play on my Blu-ray player. Its is footage I made of my sisters wedding though and I need to create DVD’s that will play in Standard DVD players.

      I’ve even tried to save the files to MP4 format at correct resolution (was then going to put seperate files into movie maker LOL to edit LOL) but the quality is soo poor and pixelated then.

      Really pulling my hair out now and sister has been pestering me for the Wedding DVD for months now. This grown man is about to cry. Please Please help. Tried everything it seems and search google till I’ve worn my keyboard out. Why is it so difficult?!?!

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