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      Bought the Pansonic Video camera AG HMC 40P.

      The Edius Neo software was included and I installed the AVCHD converter from the tools folder.

      This install provided me the AVCHD2HQ converter and the AVCHDPRV for previewing the AVCH video.

      When trying to get video to be converted the message “Conversion has failed comes up (Graph connection error)” and when trying to preview the message is “Can not preview (Codec can not be used).

      Can anyone help me?


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      Edius can edit theAVCHD directly from the SDHC from the camera. Whywould you want/need toconvert it?

      I too have recently purchased the HMC40. Am loving it though there is a large learning curve from what I am used to using. I have had no problems with the included Edius software (so far) in editing my test video clips (again a learning curve from what I am used to). I have not had to convert anything to do this. I copy the files from the SDHC to a working HD folder and run/edit from there. Granted they are only running 15 minutes or so in total length and have not tried any large projects to it as yet.

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      I want to convert it to an Avi file so I can edit the video.


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      To each, their own…

      I have no problems editing with the actual AVCHD files with the Edius software and a couple other low end programs as well. I just transfer the files from the SDHC card to a working folder and point theNLE to that folder. The sample play back during editing looks much better on the Edius then the other programs but so far they all “play nice” with the files. No converting/pre-rendering prior to editing required.

      I have found theconvertingof AVCHD to AVI greatly reduced the quality of the video (this may be due to the software used but I was so disappointed I stopped trying to do any pre-converting), defeating the performance of the camera, and blows up the file size, taking longer to transfer to working folders for editing.

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      On a newer, fairly powerful computer, you should be able to edit AVCHD directly (MTS) – I had a Core 2 Duo machine with 2GB RAM that did just fine. If your NLE is having problems, I have used AVCHD UpShift from New Blue FX to convert the MTS files to M2T files (lightly compressed, high bitrate MPEG-2) which my old Pentium IV 2.53GHz with 1GB RAM using Sony Vegas Pro 8 has no problems with.


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      Here I find another AVCHD converter which could convert between all popular Video formats ( AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG etc.) and HD Video formats even flash videos that support all popular portable media players such as Andriod, Blackberry, and Nokia phones, Google Nexus One, iPod Touch 3, iPod Nano 5G, iPhone 3GS/OS 3.1, Apple tablet iPad.

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      I personally would use Cineform, it’s fast, it’s easy, and their AVI files are great to work with and lose very little quality if any.

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