avchd converted to dvd a little jiggly?

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      I shot some video with my sony 150 and until I get a new computer with BR I decided to burn to dvd. Quality is ok but I see what I call jagged edges? I use cs5 and did a basic convert with highest quality. bumped setting on quality to 5 and mbps? to 6.8? other than that it looks like a good quality SD video. I did not have cam on highest setting, second to highest was set. What can I expect from a homey camcorder down converted to sd? Will these jaggies go away with BlueRay?

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      This may be sending you on a wild goose chase as I am in a PAL country and use CS3, but when encoding to Mpeg2 have you triedupper field first? CS3s default seems to be lower field first, which for me causes jerky jagged playback.


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