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      Is AVCHD compatible with Premier Elements 8 ?

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      Yes, but from what I’ve heard said, it’s a pain to edit with. I’d recommend downconverting them.

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      I have the Panasonic AG150 which uses the AVCHD codec.

      My system is beefy enough so that I can edit with it natively.

      As you may know, any HD footage using the AVCHD codec is heavily compressed and takes a lot of processing power to uncompress it and play it back smoothly in real-time.

      So if your AVCHD footage is running laggy for you and you still want to edit in HD, convert the AVCHD video files to the same specs, but use the H.264 codec.

      It should run smoother for you.

      Hope this helps!


Viewing 2 reply threads
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