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      OK, my hair is hurting. I have moved from HD tape to AVCHD. It’s a whole new world! Editing in Pinnacle 12.1 plus use to be a delight. I could download from tape effortlessly at real time speed. Editing (for the most part) was quick and easy. Life was good….Now, armed with my new Canon HF20 camera and anew Buffalo Blue-ray disc waiting in the wings, I tententively entered the world of AVCHD. Downloads are horribly long (hours). Processing of the files is also long. PC performance (P4 with 2Gig mem and 512 video) is back to the 80’s and my old 286!! Well, maybe not THAT bad. Until Ican improve my computer performance (I’m thinking Cray), I have come to the conclusion that I need to convert these .mts files into a format that will keep my video and audio in tack, but, allow me to bringthe converted files into Pinnacle for easier editing – like the old days. I’ll part my BR disc until the PC is upgraded. So, here are my specific questions:

      What converting format would bestmaintain the intregity of my work and allow me to continue to use Pinnacle?

      What is the best converter (I’m not rich) out there in the market?

      If I convert .MTS files to another format, can I still have the 1080 quality available to show and/or burn?

      Finally, I have an hour of AVCHD recorded that I want to edit (Pinnacle) and burn onto regular Def DVD’s. Would this change the type of file I would need to convert to?

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      john dell

      1) AVIor mov

      2) Neo Scene by cineform

      3) Yes, but depends on your output format.

      4) DVD format is mpeg

      DVD can fit about 15 minutes of 1920 X 1080.



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