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AVCHD & Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 & Exporting to DVD

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I have a Panasonic camera using AVCHD. My editing software is Adobe Premiere Elements. When I export the quality is excellent unless I export to DVD. When I play the DVD on the TV the footage is slightly blurry.

Using this camera and editing program, I'm trying to figure out how to get a good quality DVD.

Once I'm done editing, should I export the project in a particular format and then use a DVD burning program to burn that format to DVD? If so what format should I export as, and what program would be best when making the DVD? I don't have Mac, only Windows.

When I export a project using Windows Media or QuickTime it looks great. Is there anyway to take a Windows Media or QuickTime file and burn it to DVD so that it works on the TV?

I love my camera and being as I am a beginner using Premiere Elements, but I've got to solve this burning it to DVD and it still looking good issue. If possible I'd like to solve this problem without buying and learning a new editing program.

I appreciate any help.

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A lot of times, those all-in-one programs have subpar results. Firstly, going from AVCHD to DVD starts off by reducing your data by about half.

Try doing the best you can with your editor then save your project as a DVD compliant mpeg. Import said mpeg(s) into your authoring program making sure it's not re-encoded as you save it as a ISO. Then burn your ISO with a good program such as ImgBurn.

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Zoobie, I can tell that you have never used or seen any results from Premiere Elements.

The program is very comparable to Premiere Pro in many ways and version 7 handles AVCHD very well.
Burning with ImgBurn will produce no improvement to the quality of the DVD as any problems will be in the export.
When a DVD is burned the format is converted to MPEG, so exporting as MPEG will have the same issues.

XTR-91, There is no quality settings like you mention available in Premiere Elements ;)

You can get some help with Premiere Elements and editing AVCHD format video at

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I had the same problem except I was using the Sony HDR SR11. I felt my video was a bit blurry when compiling a DVD.

I finally used the software that came with the camcorder. I exported the the video to mpeg. I then used PE to edit the mpeg files. I felt the DVD video was a lot clearer.

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QUOTE: Paul LS - Muvipix Moderator
AVCHD is very processor intensive and you will need a quad core to be able to edit it in PE7 (or any editor). Because it is highly compressed the processor must decompress it on the fly when previewing/editing. Alternative is to convert to HDV format or another AVI intermediate codec. For example AVCHD Upshift converts the AVCHD to a high quality HDV MPEG2 (60Mbps) which can be edited relatively easily in PE7.<!-- m -->

Thought this might be of some help to you all.

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