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      This is a really stupid question, but how do I change the avatar for this forum? I cannot find the right way to do it anywhere.

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      UT, there does seem to be a glitch with the avatar editing capabilities at the moment. Apparently no one else has attempted to change theirs, nor new members so administration is unaware. Perhaps you/me/we should post a thread with “avatar editing broken here” in the subject line and get them to address the issue. I now want to change mine as well, and you look funny with a question mark over the face of your silhouette πŸ™‚

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      I’ve recently (and still now) have been unable to access the “My Posts” link that displays and let’s you directly access your forum activity. I’ve tested Earl’s thereom above, and it also appears that the “Avatar” under the profile editor is broken. Every broken link leads back to the “Community>Forums” web page.

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      Right. Well, I’ve posted a little note about it, so hopefully the problem will be addressed.

      Happy Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

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