Autoplay through playlist of videos, pictures and titles on computer

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      Here is what I am looking to do. I want to be able to load up a “playlist” type thing (on the computer hooked up to flatscreen TV’s) that will allow me to customize photo albums and videos and the program that manages this “playlist” will automatically go through this from top to bottom. It would be cool to put titles in also.

      It would be just like a video DVD with chapters but I want a program to do everything live BUT I can’t just burn to a DVD because I want it to be easy to edit and modify every single day and/or mutiple times a day. Say I create:

      Album 1, Album 2 with pictures in it and I have 5 videos. I would put them in order in the program like this:

      Starting point
      Album 1
      Video 2
      Video 1
      Video 3
      Album 2
      Video 4
      Video 5
      Ending point and then loops back up to the top

      If I want to insert a title between videos or between an album and a video then I drag and drop (JUST LIKE A VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE)

      I would use something like premiere here but I think there is a better alternative so that I can just slideshow the pictures and play the videos like Media player would do.

      Anyone know of a program that might do this?


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      Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t get what the heck you want – maybe an analogy will help.

      Are you saying that you have an assortment of assets (videos, images and images in albums) and you want to play them in a particular order ‘a playlist’ and have a number of playlists using the same assets but in a different order? Like ITunes but for video?

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      Yup, just like itunes except itunes would go through a full playlist of songs, then go to the next playlist after playing all the songs in the first playlist. I have a whitewater rafting company and I want to play a rafting video, then play a slideshow of 15 pictures, then put an image on the screen for 20 seconds or so saying that you can purchase a beer or ice-cream at the bar, then play a rafting video again, then pictures…and so on. Does that sortof clear up my question? Sorry for the confusion, thanks for the response.


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      You need to build your album the way you like using Autoplay MediaStudio or may be the new Captivate 5,5 After you write a script or you playlist and a small routine like anautorun to start you program and the play list. May be a programmor can do this in 10 minutes.



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      Awesome, I was really just looking for programs to enable me to do this. So Autoplay Media Studio and Captive 5,5 should do it for me your saying? Again, I am hoping to get a piece of software that will just let me edit this playlist live. Possible?

      Thanks for the answers


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