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      I’m working on a project which calls for some automated video editing — I need my video server to search through a few large video files, copy segments from each of the files and merge them together in a new video file. Need it all to be done automatically, based on selecting footage starting at frame x and ending at frame y.

      Have been toying with avisynth but I cannot figure out how to save the new video file in an automated way (I have been opening the avs script with VirtualDub and saving the new, edited file from within VirtualDub, but I need to structure this to run completely within a script or a program).

      I’m over my head! Anyone know how to do this? Is avisynth even the right programming language to use for script-level video editing?

      — J

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      Have you considered getting a head start in learning Microsoft Visual C++, Platform SDK, along with some DirectShow (multimedia processing tools)? The DirectX SDK may also need to be installed in order to use some of these features. Microsoft might have fixed this with the newer Platform SDK version.

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      If you have (Or have acess to) a mac, try automator. You should be able to get something to work.

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