Automated track motion in Vegas Pro

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      I have been working with Sony Vegas Pro 9 for a little while now and am working on a project with talking heads, having a person’s head overlay a moving and walking Spartan soldier in Halo 3. I have been able to accomplish this by finding “linear” (unchanging speed of motion) for the spartan’s head which I can add keyframes – a very slow and tedius process.

      Is it possible to apply some sort of “Automation” with track motion by moving the head overlay in real-time along with the spartan’s head? For the best precision, I am also looking to do this while the track is playing in slow motion.

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      I’m pettty sure vegas and other top NLE’s don’t have motion tracking….you’ll need either After Effects, Motion or a plugin that allows this capability…I think Boris makes one:

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      With our highly advanced $600-$1,500 NLEs today, it seems like you’d be able to apply automated motion tracking as much as it is with automated sound level control. After Affects or Boris FX will probably be in my future investment for a video business.

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      I do talking heads all the time. I do it with pan & crop using the mask function. You have to do it a few frames at a time, or even for each frame if there is movement. but once you get he hang of it, it goes fairly quickly. You only have to set up the mask once, and from then on you just have to move it or re-size it if the subject moves in or out

Viewing 3 reply threads
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