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      Hi there,

      i am a selfshooter. want to get out there and shoot
      video’s of my own. I ride bikes. mtb exactely and do a bit of extreme
      biking. like jumping of things etc. so i got some trouble filming
      myself. thing is i sometimes film of a hundred meters (using the zoom(
      or more to get the right position and height.

      the problem is
      focus. i need good image and i think i am looking for some camera that
      can track me – the moving object and keep me in focus automatically. i
      currently have nex 5N but that camera doesnt provide that option. are
      there any cameras that provide that option? what are the methods i can
      use to focus myself. for example. i am jumping of a hill which is 12m
      high need some runout towards it landing 6 m down the hill. thing is
      sometimes plants are in the way and camera can start sometimes focusing
      just before i jump. i have learned its important to have yourself in
      view so camera can focus.

      I would maybe like to have a
      camera wich is fairly good in auto autofocus while filming so the
      camera does the job for mei also need quality.

      other option would
      maybe be focus tracking my bike. that stand on top of the hill. then
      going up there. my camera will maybe stay focusing on my bike even when
      i move it? even from far distances? thing is i like to film from far.

      i ve done some research but there is somuch info on the internet that i almost drown in it…

      that was why i got here and hope some not influences pro could maybe help me.

      my budget is fairly low 1000 euro’s and it may be a camcorder dslr(which would be my last option) or other cam.

      olympus omd m5 seems to be good at autofocus. will it autofocus while video (keeping in account above statemen,ts)

      otherwise maybe the gh2?

      any other ideas?

      thanks alot

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      You probably want something with a greater depth of field for this. Most VIDEO cameras are much better for this. Sure you can get some nice “DSLR” shots with the 5N, or a DSLR, but if no one is there to help focus, the shallow depth of field is not easy to control. The majority (actually all) of true DSLRs are completely manual focus. Only mirrorless types like your 5N have any hope of any autofocus while shooting.

      Why not try something like a GoPro? Great rugged and waterproof camera that is very popular for outdoor shooting.

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      hi thanx for sharing yar ideas. Yes go pro,… but i think a go pro of only 300 dollars will never give me same quality as a camera of 1000 dollars ofcourse only if that camera is better for that. and knowing that tech goes so fast these days i hoped for some good quality… i had good results with my 5n but only when camera had me in view from the very beginning. also when driving on sand only sand you have great contrast i mean. i really viewable compared to when driving where there are plants…

      so yes gopro is good. especially for mounting.. but i was hoping to get very nice video since i want to go big now and when i go big i dont want the video to fail. because i only want to try that few times…

      5n is very good for pictures i just place it there with some tool you use for sawing wood and keeping the wood in place… i just use low iso and high shutter speeds just focus multiple. and maybe images are a little dark. but i can zoom on them and could even read the letters on my bike when shooting from 20-30 meters. so 5n is quite fast whatever they say.

      olympus omd seemed to have very fast focus and is also mirrorless. i was wondering if it had some autofocus while filming- it is very hard to find that on the internt. and since it was a new cam… maybe you know something about this?

      Anyway maybe i just need to buy some camcorder. but then again. only autofocus in the middle of the the screen?

      its quite hard to find what i need. but thanx again mate for your input

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      If you don’t have someone working the camera you’ll never keep the subject on point in auto focus. If you want higher image quality you’ll need a dedicated video camera or DSLR. Whichever you get, in the case of a video cam you’ll need to preset your focus to a certain distance (i.e. where the subject will be) and lock it down. With a DSLR, you’ll need a fixed focus lens (not a zoom) 120mm or longer depending on how far the subject is. Problem with either is when using long lenses or zooming in tight (video camera), to keep the subject in the image frame the camera operator will have to pan with the action. Otherwise, you’ll have to go wide as your long lens can and have a sharp focused but much shorter length shot.

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      yes thankyou compositer. if i had some pro videomaker. i wouldn’t need to be concerned about it. I think i will just stay for a while with my 5n and buy a 120 mm lens. but with a 120 mm lens i wont be able to zoom? you can know if it is a zoomlens if there said for expl. 50-120mm. thing is i really need to be able to get closer sometimes. because when filming someone going of a hill you know if your filming from the bottum of the hill you get a wrong view… i mean it will look like your jumping of a meter while you are jumping of six meters…

      so you need to get on another hill to get that right. also you want to film it from the side 90 degrees or 45 degrees otherwise you have a strange view too. thats why you sometimes need to get a bit further and a some places its just not possible to get a nice video. ofcourse sunlight is also a great factor as you will know for certain.

      now like i said before i had good results even from far distance just using the shutter priority mode of my nex at 25p 24m fx at 50 p it was even better but only can play that in slowmotion on my vlc otherwise it lags…

      you have any recommandations for lensen?

      i maybe would buy the lae 2 adaptor which supports autofocus. it isnt really clear for me.

      Otherwise, you’ll have to go wide as your long lens can and have a sharp focused but much shorter length shot.

      so you mean with this: you have to film from a distance and go wide -) like i did before having a wide view -) so that the rider is in the screen for a long time? from where i started riding towards the jump and even a good part of the landing in view? or did you just mean the wideness of your lens.

      thnx again. need to know what i need to do , so when i am ready to go ride agzin (fixing my breaks,…) i will be ready. greets K.

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