authorization to sell recorded youth games?

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      I coach a youth travel hockey team and record our games to analyze plays and make highlight clips for my players. The families love it and I’d like to start recording games for other teams and make DVD’s of the game and highlight clips for them…for a smallfee.

      My question is, do I need anyone’s authorization before selling a recorded game back to the team? And if so, who’s?These are games played in public arenas with no gate fees or admissions. The games aren’t broadcasted or anything. Each team is part of an organization though so all I can think of is perhaps getting approval to show the logos on the jerseys for the opposing team. And/or maybe the approval of the league itself?

      Other than that I can’t imagine it’s much different than someone getting paid to make a video copy of a wedding. The wedding guests will be in the video and you don’t get individual approvals from every single guest.

      If someone has done this already or knows of the steps to take, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback on what might get me in legal trouble and how to avoid it.


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      Keep in mind that no matter who authorizes, or how much of it you get from whom, nothing will protect you from litigation or negative reactions by people determined to go that direction. But, the fact that you made the attempt will stand in your defense if and when the poop happens.

      That being said: I do a lot of youth sports video and this is my experience.

      Schools: I get approval from the head coach. He or she gets what clearances they think necessary from the school administration, board, or parent/teachers group.

      Youth leagues: I get hired on in a multitude of ways. I’ve been called in by a parent who wants video with particular focus on his/her son or daughter; I’ve been called in (or have approached) by the head coach, team mother or parent group to provide coverage, production and sales.

      If there is a league board or local team governing organization I have advised my contact to obtain the necessary approval/clearances from them, and to determine if I am required to provide any kind of liability insurance.

      I have also run into the obstinate bureaucracy of parent groups, officious league leaders and others who abuse their perceived powers, or something I call “parental politics”.

      My approach, legal or not so legal) is to request that the parent or individual get the necessary approval or clearance from whomever they perceive is the source for gaining permission. With that being accepted and established I have shot and produced for the coach, for the parent, for the athlete, for the team and/or for the controlling entity involved – board, etc.

      Some have required I have a minimum liability insurance and proof of such; others have not. Some have required written agreements, others have not. I go with the flow, do not try to rock the boat and if the situation seems to be, or become, untenable I back off and seek video work elsewhere.

      I also have done work guerilla-style, walking on field/sidelines and unobtrusively set up a shooting stand or ladder, whatever, and started shooting, handing out business cards (I even have a sign for the holder on my shooting ladder that says to inquire about copies of the game) or responding to inquiries. Sometimes I have been asked to leave, and I do so unless the venue and the situation is a public event where I have as much right as anyone to be present. Sometimes, if it appears the situation could turn nasty, rather than be right and aggressive about it, I go away – it simply isn’t worth the hassle and bad press.

      I have rarely been required to contact or go before the league (Little League, etc.) or to have special approval of showing league logos, etc. I have not yet incurred a legal situation in these events. It has been profitable and fulfilling for me as an event video producer, and I have the satisfaction of many groups and teams who request my return each season, as well as referrals for countless other video production work.

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      Wow, thank you so much for the detailed reply! Hockey is my passion but not my main job (yet) so I’m not looking for this to pay the bills but having some extra spending money would be nice. For now I’ll just keep recording my own games and see what happens by word of mouth since the parents and players seem to be enjoying it and also play on other teams/leagues.

      Thanks again!

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