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      I have a very old Panasonic DVD player DVD-A350 which is still going strong and I use it as a test bed for all projects that I authorand blank media that I purchase, on the basis that if what I burn will play on the Panasonic then it will play on any player currently on the market.

      For many years I have used DVDit as my authoring software of choice, and recently upgraded to DVDit Pro HD.

      I have also had Encore for several yearsand started using Encore CS3 for HD authoring as it will accommodate both AVCHD and MPEG2 assets where as DVDit will not accept AVCHD. The Blueray material I author on Encore plays fine on all the Blueray players I have access to but if I author DVDs in standard definition materialwith Encore, while they will play fine on the other players I have, they will not play on my “test bed” Panasonic. If I author on DVDit using the exact same assets the resultant DVD plays fine.

      Is there a setting in Encore I have missed?

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