Authored DVD won’t play on PCs

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      I made some movies using Premiere Elements 1.o (I know, time to upgrade). They play on my PC and on a third-party PC. Won’t play on clients PC (tried 4 different ones). Will play on DVD player through TV. Always worked before.

      Burned disc using DVD feature in P.E., (direct to disc, and burned to DVD folder). Also created a DVD using Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 (Copy Disk feature) with the DVD folder output. Neither works in client PCs. Made DVDs with and W/O including ROM content. No change. Using default settings in P.E. and Roxio. Don’t see any options for “play on PC only”, or “play on desktop player only”.

      Finished movies are 3.4 to 4.1 GB in size. Burning on a dual-layer capable DVD/CD burner in my PC, using single-layer Verbatim DVD-R discs. Running XP Home, SP2.

      Any suggestions as to why these disks won’t play on clients PCs, but will on my own & a neighbors PC? Appreciate any help, need to turn this around asap.

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      Have you tried to play an older disk on the clients PC and/or a store bought DVD to see if the PC drive will play them?

      Also what is the speed and disc code of the disks you are using?

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      I’m using Verbatim printable DVD-Rs, rated at 16X max, but they burn at around 6-8X, it adjusts automatically. The device is a dual-layer capable DVD writer, but of course I’m only using the standard capability w/single-layer discs.

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      I have had similar problems few times. The only solution was to replace the writer. They don’t seem to last very long until you get into some incompatibility issues.

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      drives are relatively inexpensive, the only other thing you could do is try dvd+r to see if they work for your client.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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