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      I’ve got a problem I hope someone or many can help me with. I did a multi cam shoot over Christmas 2011 using 2 Canon XL2’s and a Canon XLH1 (the HD version of the XL2) I did not record audio because the venue audio engineer was doing a “LIVE” recording and gave me the uncompressed WAV file 3 weeks ago.

      The PROBLEM: My video sequence begins to lag the audio after only a minute into the edit.

      The EDIT: I took my video and did a multi cam sequence in FCP 7. All matched-up perfectly. Then I took the supplied audio track and matched it up to the video at the In Points. All looks good for the first 20-30 seconds, then the video begins to lag the audio just a little at first and then progressively getting worse.

      If I create a short 1 minute Quicktime file, it’s even worse.

      Any suggestions would be of great help and I can supply more details.

      Finally, yes, I know that in the multi cam sequence, I can use the audio file as a audio track and switch between the camera views but that too gave me the same “audio-lagging video” problem I described above.

      PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve gotten more than 40 hours of work in the post-edit and I’m no closer to being done than when I started.



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      Have you tried changing the timing of the audio in Soundtrack Pro?

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      It’s funny you should suggest that. That’s exactly what I tried last night. Although I don’t quite understand how to use soundtrack Pro, I did see where I could change the speed of the video and audio independently. Any other tips or hints would be appreciated thank you.

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