Audio/video simultanious through firewire?

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      Also posted this in production techniques area.

      Greetings to all who read this and an ahead of time thank you for those that respond.

      After month of dinking around with PC programs for video editing I finally went to a Macbook. Mainly because of the portability. VERY glad I did cause the Mac hasn’t crashed once. Anyway my question is this.

      I have a new Canon HV20 that I will be using with the Firewire cable to go directly into my Macbook. But I am not going to run the audio through the camera so I have decided to go to a seperate mixer. All my audio will be voice. I have made my decision on the Alesis Multimix. Now the question comes into play do I bring the audio in over Firewire through a powered hub or use a USB connection? (my Macbook only has 1 Firewire port)

      Can the single Firewire port on my Mac handle both the HD Video and the Audio if I am merging the 2 through a hub without losing any one’s or zero’s?


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      Note that firewire carries audio and video. Its up to you to exclude it out in the timeline of your NLE unless you choose not to capture audio in your settings.

      Audio from your mixer can go into your Mac a number of ways

      1. The audio In port on your Mac accommodates both optical digital audio input and analog audio input.
      using a 3.5mm mini phone jack from your mixer output

      2. Using a USB audio interface for your mixer (Like Edirol’s UA-1EX)

      3. Record the sound as a separate file and drop in your timeline.

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      Thanks for your input. So if I run the Video and Audio through a Firewire hub I should not have any data loss problems? BTW I am using Final Cut Express, if that makes any difference.

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      A good hub should not affect the signal. If it does you will know it. Large blocky artifacts and other bad stuff will happen, and you would have to capture twice if you wanted to capture your audio through the mixer. Once for the audio once for the video. In the way that the previous poster said. I would use the fire wire port on that mixer if you do it this way just to have one less A/D conversion. Although you would probably be better off capturing just through the fire wire port. At work we capture DVCAM through a mixer but we use a analog capture board. That is the only efficient way to capture through a mixer.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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