audio/video distribution amp or not?

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      Hello, I am trying to increase my video business and have decided to concentrate on duplication and replication of video tapes, cd’s, and dvd’s. My question is this: Do I need an a/v distribution amp to distribute signals to each of probably 4 or 5 s-vhs decks from a master s-vhs deck? I have had equal answers on both sides from semi-pros…but I am wondering if the signal will really be better with an amp rather than just daisy chaining my decks. Thanks.

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      On a short run of less than 12 feet the answer is no.

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      actualy you do want an amp for any dup setup. unless your going one to one you want to use a distro amp. never go in and out from unit to unit. for the strongest and best video output. markertek is a good sourse, also check them out for a rack mount remont that allows you cotrole all six VCRs at the same time.

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