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      I want to do an audio effect on a vocal for a movie Im filming. Im trying to get the persons voice distorted (for lack of better terms) to sound demonic in a way. If anyone has seen stargate sg-1, then it is similar to the vocal effects of the goaul. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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      Check the previous thread in this forum/this subject, under heading of: “School Audio Board Advice.”
      The Edirol M-100FX will transform your voice into what you describe and it will be Oscar-worthy!
      Very reasonably priced at B&H. For more info, check, search under Edirol products; and, search under audio products.
      (Edirol is a branch of Roland, a big name in professional audio production equipment, kind of like Sony/Canon/Panasonic in the industrial video world.)
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Thanks a million Tom

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