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      I am going out of my mind trying to edit footage I shot. I am trying to put an audio transition between clips as I have done hindreds of times. I can drop a video transition on the timeline no problem. When it comes to the audio it wont let me drop it between the clips. In the video, it lets you say where you want the transition like betwen or at the begining etc,but the audio will only let me drop at the end of one clip or the start of the next not between. If you go to the effects it tells you it is going to the begining of the vlip but wont let you change the start. Its like geyed out. I have no idea wht this is happeneing. Any clue’s out there. (there is no space between the tracks on the timeline) I am using Premier Pro 2

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      in some software, oncethe transition’son the timeline, you can drag it around to where you want it. After dropping it at one end, you might be able to drag the transition to where you need it. The adobe help will be able to shed more light on this.

      This is one reason Audio software is so useful. I recommend using Audacity. for info on audio editing with Adobe Audition, look up the videomaker article from May or June 2008(I think) by Robert Peterson? about audio compression. It’s very good!

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