Audio Track slows down HELP!

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      The video is fine but for some unknown reson the music slows down and it will drive me crazy. I spend hours getting everything exactly timed with the music and then it sounds like the music took a tranquilizer, I personally think it is just the Pinnacle Studio 10 software going buggy, PLEASE SOME SAY THEY KNOW WHAT CAUSES THIS

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      There are no bugs in the Pinnacle Studio series, what you have discovered is just another undocumented feature. A wonderful special effect, of slowing down the audio to amaze and impress your viewers! X-D

      Yes, unfortunately, the Studio series has always been fraught with problems. If you do a search for "Pinnacle" in these forums, you’ll find plenty about it. I believe Wikipedia uses a photo of Studio 10 in its definition of "buggy software".

      The Studio users are one of your best support options. Try:

      But move to Adobe Premiere Elements or Premiere Pro, etc. ASAP.

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      Thanks compusolver for your advice,
      Pinnacle has some really weird bugs, experience has taught me how to deal with some of them, but some are just evil }:-@
      I sure am glad it is just an added feature, now I just have to figure out how to apply it to something! I like the features that the Studio 10 has, that work right.
      I just wonder if the Adobe software has the chromakey and other overlay effects? I did’nt see that mentioned in the articles I read about Adobe. Thanks for the response πŸ˜€

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