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      Is there any way to get quality audio through my camcorders built in microphone.

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      Usually not, but it depends on the situation, the mic, and the desired audio. Nat sound (ambient) can usually be recorded okay with a good mic, shock mount & windscreen. As for an interview, one would have to get very close to the subject. (within a foot or two) again with a good shotgun mic.

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      My camera does not have an input for an external mic. Other than the built-in mic, do I have any other options for recording audio?

      I figured one thing I could do is just use a good tape recorder and tape the audio separately from the video, then edit in the separate audio. But I’m concerned about sync issues.

      Any suggestions?


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      Compusolver, you’re absolutely right. My camera is not a prosumer type. It’s a JVC GR-D90 which I purchased a while ago strictly for home use. I’ve used it for videotaping everything from vacations to weddings, with no expectations of getting anything better than home video quality. The camera cost me less than $350 when I bought it.

      Speaking of quality, the camera takes good quality video FOR A CAMERA OF ITS TYPE. I understand that most Videomaker readers, and most people who post in these forums, are probably doing more advanced or professional things with video, and therefore need or want better equipment.

      That being said, I still would like to be able to improve what I can given the limitations I have. Personally, I would love to be able to buy a more advanced camera, but for what I’m doing with video, I don’t need to.

      To be perfectly honest, I subscribed to Videomaker with the hopes that the magazine would have more to offer to us amateur hobbyists with limited equipment. But I guess with limited equipment comes limited capabilities and limited versatility. So it seems there’s not too much a magazine could write about the very basic things that people like me are constrained to.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not slinging any mud at you, or the magazine, or anybody at all. I’m just looking to do better with what I have, albeit less than most people have who post on these forums.

      I admire all of you who have taken video many steps further than I have. I think video is fun, creative, and amazingly artistic, from shooting to editing to DVD authoring. For many of you, it’s also a source of income, so it pays to invest in better equipment than someone like me is willing to. Even for many people who derive no income from video, it still pays to get the best equipment they’re willing to pay for. I’m just not interested in investing all that much in something I have fun with “on the side”.

      If I’ve sealed my own fate, so to speak, by spending only as much as I wanted to on the type of camera I’ve settled for, then so be it. If I’m limited, then there’s not much I can do.

      Please accept my apologies for the long-winded sermon and getting a bit off topic. This was not directed at anyone. I’m merely trying to make the statement here that videography comes in all levels. I look up in admiration to those of you in the levels above me.

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      Hey Compusolver,
      Here’s a dream machine for you.
      It’s the Edirol/Roland R-4 if the link doesn’t work. Can be found on the bhphotovideo or edirol websites.
      Like a portable audio studio. Being able to record an event on one little machine using 4 different inputs/channels simultaneously has some appeal. At least one should be master edit quality. 58 hours at Cd quality; 17 hours at “maximum” quality. Does have a maximum price too; around $1500. Have you found any less pricey field recorders that you like?
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      you might try something like iRiver — search them out at

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