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      Hi there,

      I found a wireless mic kit that was well within my budget. I will be shooting weddings. Using it to mic the groom and attach to the mic stand for speeches.

      The kit is Audio Technica ATR288W, they are selling two of the kits for$200. I don’t know much about audio and was looking at G2 and G3 kits but of course they are much more for one.

      Any thoughts? Has anyone used them?

      Thanks a bunch

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      AvatarJackson Wong

      Dear Jen,

      So I’ve done a tiny bit of digging, and just so we’re clear, this is the system you’re considering from Audio-Technica,

      and the Sennheiser system (which is what we use in our studio)

      I can’t speak from experience on the Audio-Technica system, but it checks out, the specs may not be high-end professional, but should get the job done. The two mics are good.

      The Sennheiser system is consistently good, definitely higher quality, but as you know, about 3x the cost. This will definitely depend on factors that you know more about, but if you can afford it, the ew 122-p G3 should be very dependable for a long time. looks like it only includes the lavalier mic, and hopefully you may find a system for less than the retail price.

      This is really a small detail when it comes to the differences, but the A-T system uses 9V batteries and the Sennheiser uses AA batteries…little things that might make a big differences to you.

      Hope this helps, and happy shooting at those weddings.


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      Good point, Jackson. It depends on how much you use the mics but the cost of 9V batteries adds up in a hurry. We’ve done a couple of three-day shoots that have gone through 40-50 batteries and it’s costly.

      The EW series is a really great mic. I think it produces a bit more mellow sound than the A-T mics do; they tend to be a little harsh and “metallic” to my ear. But we use both and have found both to be well built and very reliable.


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      Hi Jen – I have both the Audio Technica ATR288W and the Azden WMS-PRO. I like the Azden better. The transmitter and receiver are less bulky, the antennas retract and the sound quality is better, in my view.

      I use rechargeable 9V batteries– which costs more up front, but keeps longer term costs down.

      Good luck with your decision,


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