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      I am shooting live band performances on a Sony V1U and would like to record audio from the bands audio mixer – however I want the freedom to move my camera without being tied down by cables. I am looking for an affordable digital audio recorder to solve my problem, but want to make sure I do not wind up with audio sync issues during post.

      Here are some of my questions.

      If I go with an inexpensive recorder – such as a Zoom H4 or the Marantz 660 – both of which do not have SMPTE timecode, what is the best way to insure audio sync during post?

      If I decide to go with a more robust audio recorder, such as the Tascam HD P2 or the Edrol R44 – both of which have timecode – how do I sync timecode on both units during production? Which unit acts as the timecode slave and does the Sony V1U broadcast timecode?

      I appreciate any help on this topic.


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      The most ‘ghetto’ solution is to do an ‘audio slate’ and sync ‘clap’ when you start recording on both your audio and video devices. This is an ancient school technique still used by the film guy’s to sync sound to film in post. This works quite well but the drawback is, you’ll have to keep both your camera and audio devices running throughout the performance. So that means no turning off the camera while shooting. Now you need to find out if there are going to be breaks in the performance so you can re-slate and clap at the begining of each set. Hopefully, each set won’t go more than an hour. Get 63 video tapes minute tapes and prep them prior to the show (3 minutes ain’t a lot of extra time, but it helps!) If you can patch your recorder directly into one of the mixer’s outputs to get a pre-mixed sound. It’s not a hardcore tech solution, but it will get the job done if handled properly.

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      Thanks Composite1. I considered this solution, but I’d rather use it as a redundancy practice, rather than the primary way of syncing audio. My thought is to invest in a recorder with timecode – just want to make sure i get one that “get’s along” with my V1U.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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