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      I have this problem that accurs quite often with premiere, especialy when playing a target timeline of a multicam source sequence… The audio just stops playing! All I have to do is pause and play again (hitting the space-bar) but once this problem starts… the audio will stop again after 10 seconds of play.

      What to do??? It’s so hard to edit like this!!


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      Premiere has (at least 6.5 does) the ability to use different settings for capture, editing, and export. In your editing set up, on the audio screen, try changing the interleave setting. What this setting does is tells the application how often to look at the "audio" part of the timeline. A 1 second interleave means Premiere will store 1 second of audio in RAM so its easier to read the "video" part. At the end of that 1 second, Premiere will load another second of audio in RAM and jump back to video. Since video uses more of your computers resources, this is how Premiere tries to keep things working together smoothly. I experienced audio effect problems and changing the interleave to "1/2 second" or even "1 frame" made the difference. If this doesn’t work, I’m stumped.

      By the way, it would be helpful to know what version of Premiere your using. I have 6.5 so if your using Pro 2, I can’t help much.

      Good luck!

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      I use Premiere Pro 2, and in the Audio preferences I see "Automatch Time: 1 seconds". I guess this is what you ment. I changed it to 0.5 (can’t input fileds; just seconds) I’ll see what happens. Thanks!

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      In Premiere Pro 2 it will "conform audio" on import and if you begin playing the file before the entire clip in conformed, it will quit playing at the point that isn’t conformed yet. Not sure if that’s your problem but you may look for the "conforming" dialog at the bottom of the window to see if that’s it.

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      Yes, I know about the conforming of assets. It’s not that. My audio has been conformed way at the beginning of the project.

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