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    owen d

    I have just done my first paid wedding usinga sony hvr z1, however because i only used the onboard mic the audio was terrible. having aknowledge of photography, i was fine with the visual side of things but i really have no knowledge of audio and i can’t seem to find any information for an audio newbie like me. i have another wedding in 2 weeks and i have the option of using a wireless lav, but to be honest i’m terrified of losing audio altogether or only picking up the bride and/or groom and not thecelebrant etc. also, i am a single operator so i need an audio method that is simple and mobile enough for me to use on my own. any suggestions? (and don’t say ‘stills’)

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    Zoom H2. Great audio recording. about the size of a pack of cigarettes. records to SD cards. You will want to practice with it before you use it on a job.

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    owen d

    excuse my ignorance but how do you sync this to camera?

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    you sync it in post editing. put the camera audio on say the left channel and put the digital recorder on the right channel and then slide the clip to line up with the camera audio. be cautious of room echo and slight delay as the distance from source to mic will be different (a quarter of a frame shift in audio makes all the difference in the world). the other problem you may run into is the file not being synchronized all the way through because the digital recorder may record at a slightly different speed than the camera. Another option is to use a wireless transmitter, plugging in the recorder as an external mic and plug the reciever into the camera. you can set the recorder to record to itself at the same time, so just in case you have a dropout or frequency conflict, you still have clean audio you can use.

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    Can one have a line from a wireless pickup(from a lav) to the H2 as well as recording from the H2’s mike(ie two tracks)?

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    You could also use a digital voice recorder and mic the groom, recording separately from the camera’s mic (gives you two sources for audio) – then cut that audio in in post.

    I have done this and it works really well.

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