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I have just done my first paid wedding usinga sony hvr z1, however because i only used the onboard mic the audio was terrible. having aknowledge of photography, i was fine with the visual side of things but i really have no knowledge of audio and i can't seem to find any information for an audio newbie like me. i have another wedding in 2 weeks and i have the option of using a wireless lav, but to be honest i'm terrified of losing audio altogether or only picking up the bride and/or groom and not thecelebrant etc. also, i am a single operator so i need an audio method that is simple and mobile enough for me to use on my own. any suggestions? (and don't say 'stills')

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Zoom H2. Great audio recording. about the size of a pack of cigarettes. records to SD cards. You will want to practice with it before you use it on a job.

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excuse my ignorance but how do you sync this to camera?

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Can one have a line from a wireless pickup(from a lav) to the H2 as well as recording from the H2's mike(ie two tracks)?

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You could also use a digital voice recorder and mic the groom, recording separately from the camera's mic (gives you two sources for audio) - then cut that audio in in post.

I have done this and it works really well.

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