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      Could anyone recommend a simple audio software to remove hiss for converting cassette tapes? I don’t want to spend a ton of money on this and I already have a way to import it.

      I have tried a couple of free trials and they seem like they are distorting the the microphone is going in and out.

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      Look for one that has a either Noise Gate or High Pass filters. Some software will have a noise reduction filter, which is perfect for this, but it requires identifying the noise by itself. Not sure if you have a sample of JUST the hiss…

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      Sony Vegas has some decent sound processing tools built in (Vegas started out as an audio tool) but for real audio power the two solutions that come to mind are Sony Sound Forge Pro (or it’s Audio Studio version if you don’t need the power of the full version) or Adobe Audition (or SoundBooth if you don’t need the power of Audition).

      Sony also has their Noise Reduction 2.0 plugins which come free with Sound Forge Pro.

      There are also tools (plugins) from Izotope or NewBlueFX that may do what you need.

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      audacity – it’s free.

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