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      I have been tasked with setting up 3 cameras inside ofa courtroom in order to record our small city’s council meetings 2x/mo. using a Canon GL1 and 2 Sony VX2100 cameras recording to HDD recorders.The only snag that I seem to have is capturing the audio.There are a total of 11 mics connected to a Peavy soundboard and I run a line from oneoutput channel to a distribution box and then Igo through audio extenders to get the audio to the cameras, connecting into the mic inputs of each camera. Now, when I play back the recording the sound levels from theSony cameras are so low that they are barely audible. The Canon footage audio levels seem good but I get some kind of strange effect similar to a record skipping. The audio will go great for a while and then it will kind of “skip” a bit. There, I suspect the data record rate of theFx Pro-4 that I’m recording to. I have been usingFirewire connections to get the footage to the HDD recorders but I may try the S-Video+RCAconnections.

      Does anyone out there have any suggestions about how to set this up? ThetwoSony Cameras are about30 ft. apart on oppisite sides of the roomto record the members of council and the GL1 is up on a platformpinting at the audience, centered on a podium that citizens canuse to speak about issues. So again, what do you think would be the best way to record this using the equipment that I have. I might be able to buy a few things but I would like to avoid it if possible. It’s a tight budget this year.

      Thanks in advance for any help!


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      I think a nice solution is to have all the mics plugged in the mixing console (if you have 16 input) in order to check each mic’s volume then the output of the console (master output) is to be plugged to an external device such as DAT or a VCR. The audio of the cameras i think is best to written as is (external mic) in order to sync both the audio from the console and the audio from the cams. Keep the firewire video connection cause this way you’ll have the best pic quality.

      Did you check the mic volume of the Sony cams? There must be some levels to play with. Record skiping on Canon probably is a faulty cord…check your gear one at the time…

      Hope this helps (can you draw a sketch?)

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