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      Hey I need some audio recommendations on recording a graduation and awards ceremony. I’m probably just going to run mics to the podium or stage to catch all the action as well as where ever else their may be singing etc. Should i use a boom mic. I will not be micing anyone in particular. I’m thinking I want to use wireless mics and a mixer but i don’t know what kind i need. Does anyone have any recommendations which type of mics to use, mixer, etc.

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      running mikes is a good idea…

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      I don’t think a boom is necessary, I mean don’t have someone hold it.

      Just have mics on the chorus (maybe two on stands)

      Then the obvious on the podium.

      Wireless isn’t exactly needed, but of course would help simplify things.

      As for a mixer, just a general mixer. If you don’t have one don’t go for one with too many features as you probably won’t need them all.

      Um, in fact, the school’s drama department might just have what you need…

      Omni-Directional mics probably (mic types aren’t my thing). Hope that helps.


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      You may be able to tap into the school’s mixer, if they’re using one. It also depends on the mixer. You may be able to use an unused aux or matrix send. or a spare L/R output. Also, it depends on what kind of audio inputs your camcorder has. XLR in or that little mini mic jack?. Either way, come prepared with every adapter you may need to make it work – 1/4″, RCA, TRS, etc.. Also, mixers have line level outs while mini-mic jacks have mic level inputs, so you may need the proper attenuators. XLR inputs are a no-brainer but those mini-mic jacks need the proper gizmos to work right.

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