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      When viewing fisinshed dvd’s that I have made in studio 12, the sound is missing on certain parts of the film.The audio vanishes right when a new scene starts, and comes backin the next scene. This happens with a couple of scenes everytime I make a film.

      But in studio – beforerendering and stuff -the full soundtrack is there!I’m using a Samsung full HDhard disc camera and importing the clips to Studio via a folder in “my documents”. I’m not using any fancy sound effects or editing, just dragging the clips onto Studio. It’s really frustrating, because I keep burning faulty dvd’s.

      Has anyone experinced this?

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      Hi nicolai,Glitches always seem to happen during export! The problem is in the disc image you’re creating. If you’re new to editing, a disc image is the file Studio creates that will later be burned to a disc. Go to Make Movie, select DVD, then click on Settings. In the settings window, select “Create Disc Content, but Don’t Burn”. When it’s done rendering, go back to Make Movie, Settings, and select “Burn from Previously Created Disc Content”, select the folder, and burn.

      The other thing you could do if you haven’t added menues, chapter links, or Dolby 5.1 audio, is export to an MPEG2. Go to Make Movie, Create File, select MPEG2, and create file. An MPEG2 can be burned to a disc with any burn program.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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