Audio panning in news packages

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      My question involves the reporter’s audio track, the audio clips of interviewees and natural sound (NATS).

      What is the best way to pan these tracks for broadcast TV? Is it better to pan the voice hard left or right and the NATsounds to the opposite? Or should the voice clips be in the middle? if so, where would you pan the other tracks?

      What is the ‘standard’ pan for 3 minute news packages? Any ideas? Thank you.

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      I’ve always made sure that all audio is in the “middle” of stereo sound. If the reporter’s on the left channel, then I make sure that his audio is centered, etc.

      From my experience at a PBS affiliate, there have been times when voice tracks haven’t been centered, and were either hard left or right. This caused the sound to be very disorienting, or even hard to hear. The audio engineer had to flip the live channel on the audio board to mono in order to correct the issue, which centered everything.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      You’ll not pan anything for news packages. The old people who still watch local news on TV have mono Curtis Mathis tube TVs and all they’ll hear is level changes wondering why the audio smoked up before the red light came on.

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      I had a Curtis Mathis – was a decent TV for it’s day. Now I’m a Samsung boy. πŸ™‚

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      When I staffed at CMT, before we mastered a show, we’d monitor through a 25 inch mono consumer TV. You’d be surprised how many level changes you’ll make after mixing in a perfect environment then hearing what viewers will hear.

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