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      I have used different verions of Imovie for several years now for small jobs…. I have been shooting with a Sony Z5U for the past year now and any footage that I attempt to edit on my Macbook Pro has audio sync issues…The audio does not match up after import. Any advice?

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      I’ve actually never experienced that problem using my Canon GL2/Sony DSR11 units for digitizing from MiniDV tape. Dunno if the issue has some bearing on use of SDHC media though, if the Z5U is tapeless.

      When/If for other reasons I have out-of-sync audio, however, even though it might be a bit of a hassle to do so, you can drag the clip into your timeline go to advanced and extract audio, allowing you to shift/nudge the audio track forward/back until it lines up – depends also on the version of iMovie you might be using, I suppose, never went beyond Ver. 6.1 myself because there were things I didn’t want to sacrifice or lose in the newer versions, and I prefer the timeline setup of that version over the current way things work in iMovie – when I need/use it instead of Final Cut Pro for something quick, down and dirty.

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      Grinner Hester

      Just sync it up manually and do a ripple edit. It’ll put every edit in sync. If you havn’t started editing yet, manually sync it, lay one edit over all the raw footage and use that sequence as a source.

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      Advice seems to be to sync it up with the software but the problem is really WHY it is out of sync. I’ve had the same problem and it is driving me crazy. Is the setting off in the editing software or the camera. Sony manual needs a lot of work in general. There is a reference to audio files being locked or unlocked. No place in the manual or camera menu to set this. Any advice about the real problem would be greatly appreciated.

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      that is weird. what settings, bit rate etc is the audio on camera set to? what settings are you using on import to your computer?

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      Shooting DV SP, 16 bit mode, FS48K, what else is there. Using one XLR channel and one for internal mic. Shooting mostly on Automatic. And using Mini DV, not DVCAM format tape.

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      your one xlr channel, and one internal mic… multi cam set up? or single cam? substantial distance between one of the mics and the camcorder?

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      I use a Sony Z5 with both tape and 16GB Compact Flash card in a MRC1K. Never had any issue with audio sync. Specifications from production houses include shooting in HDV with DV audio set to 48K. With the Z5 if you select HDV theDV audio is auto set to 48K.

      In the early days, I experienced audio sync problems in post with Premiere, caused by my incorrectly selecting the external monitor audio option.

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      Single camera, two channels, short cable for xlr connected external mic mounted on camera, less than one foot, plus internal mic. The audio does not sync with the video. Neither channel syncs with video.

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      I have been using a Z5U (as well as others in the HVR -z) series since they came out and have never experienced audio sync issues due to the camera. I have experienced sync problems when I tried to edit HDV footage on a Windows PC running CS3 that was too slow/insufficient memory. That very same PC edited standard DV footage without problems.

      Maybe that is the problem with the MAC?

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      Check your hard drive I had the same problem whit my uploads to mac. I use FCP. I had an old HD were i capture when i put another HD (new) the problem when away now old HD is for storing song file text etc.

      Hope it helps

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      the only other suggestion I can offer is to go to Apples support communities and search and ask about “Codecs” it is possible some third party ap you’ve installed has a quicktime codec that is not playing well and you may simply have to delete it or move a file or two around so your NLE can find the RIGHT codec.

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      Start with the basics and work up from there. When you play the tape back in cam is the audio in sync? If so move on to the computer, Check all your settings..load in a 1 min clip and experiment. If its out on the camera then you have different issues. Trial and error…one of the chores for videography unfortunately.


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