Audio out of syc with video on DVD

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      Why is the audio out of sync with the video on the dvd I create with Pinnacle Studio 9 plus?
      The audio is always a fraction slower than the video.and seems to get worse towards the end of the dvd
      I can create an mpeg or an avi and there is no problem.
      I can view the raw footage with media player it’s ok
      I have reinstalled the studio and still have the same problem.

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      For those who might have the same problem with audio out of sync with video on Studio 9
      Turn off your virus protector and disconnect from the internet for the duration of the rendering and burning of the disc.
      apparently the anti virus software (in my case Mc Afee was probing the data transfer during the rendering and burning and and causing a disruption in the process.

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      For those who do not have any editing software, do not get any pinnacle products. That will save you alot of headache.

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      Indeed, I agree with Endeavor. I used studio 9 for about 3 weeks, then got sony vegas, and now use vegas 6 and Final Cut pro both very good programs. I tried pinnacle liquid edition before getting vegas (terrible program).


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