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      Hello to All! I’m new to the forum and even though I have been filming for sometime now, I am now trying to make some money with it, so I want to make sure I do things right the first time. My biggest concern is audio. To start with, when I plug in headphones to the audio jack on the canon GL2 camera, all I get is static. What am I doing wrong? Plus, when I plug in my Rode mic to the jack, I don’t feel that the audio is any different from the built in mic. What’s up with that? Now I know that I can add an XLR adaptor and buy another mic, but that’s not in the budget right now. Plus I am thinking that maybe a wireless mic would be better. Anyway, all thoughts welcomed. Thanks in Advance for your advice!

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      Either your headphone cable/plug is defective, or in a worse case scenario your headphone output on the GL2 could be bad. Try another headset or connection that you use on something else and have confirmed it works.

      The GL2 makes a LOT of noise and the Rhode mounted onto it, or the built-in will both pick up a degree of that, moreso the built-in mic. I use wireless or wired lapel mics mostly, but also when it’s possible I mount my shotgun mics on a separate stand or use a pole, and run the cable back to the GL2, mostly to isolate the mic from the camera.

      Everyone hypes the XLR connections and much of the technical and general perceptions regarding their superiority is true, BUT you can get perfectly acceptable and clean audio from other connections, so long as you’re careful about how much jury rigging you do, minimize the connections – extenders, adaptors, etc. and use caution at the cam/mic connection. I wrap and tape my connections so there’s not inadvertent pressure or excess force or potential danger of damage due to the cable getting jerked out of the input, etc.

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