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      I have been using Adobe Premier Pro CS4 for a few months for a number of small/big projects and it worked fine. However, in the last two projects I faced a strange problem: audio lags video.

      1) I captured 1hour HD material form SONY FX1000 in to PP CS4 as usual. I checked MPEG file using Windows Media Player and there was perfect sync between audio and video. Then I imported this file as an asset into PP and watched it there. The beginning of the file is O.K., but at the end audio lags video by ~1s. Same problem was in MPEG2 file after encoding. I tried to re-capture the file – no effect. Becasue editing was quite simple, I managed to correct this problem by settting audio speed = 100.025%?

      2) Second example was much worse. I have compressed 1hour MPEG2 file. It works O.K. in WMPlayer. I imported it into PP and found complete de-sync between audio and video. Due to extremely bad quality of initial material all I can say for sure is that at the end of the clip audio lags video by ~13sec. It is difficult to say what happens at the begining but changing audio speed to match A and V at the end does not help in the middle. I by-passed the problem using different editor (Ulead media Pro) and produced required file.

      So, what is the root cause of this effect? I admit, just before the first project I made extensive cleaning of Adobe files that littered my computer. Looks like I either deleted some important fileor made un-intentional change to PP settings. I did not try re-installing PP CS4 yet. Any other ideas?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Have you try converting the video to another format? I like .mov, it works pretty good for me. You can also move only the audio, sync it according to the video and then link the audio with the video again. If your video have someone talking its much easier, match the mouth movement with the talking of the person. Nonetheless try converting the video to another format it may work better.

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      I had this problem with Premiere Pro CS4, and it was frustrating me greatly. The more I edited and the further along I got, the more audio got out of sync with the video.Turns out, it was the format it was in; Premiere Pro does NOT like .m2ts, (the native Blu-ray format) I recorded in regular AVCHD which is a .ts file that my Hauppauge HD PVR can also record to, tried importing it into Premiere Pro, and D’OH! PPCS4 doesn’t support .ts. Great. I decided to try renaming it to .mts, which is supported and as far as I know, the same format and wrapper as .ts. It worked beautifully. All my audio sync problems disappeared.

      You could try converting to AVCHD and giving it a .mts extension.

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      So, can I can convert my m2ts file into AVCHD using Adobe Media Encoder or I should use something else?

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      So, Paul form MUVIPX.COM suggested a solution – use VideoReDo+ to Re-Mux initial file. What I did:

      1) I opened captured file into VideoReDo+

      2) Saved it with new name.

      3) Software found a few problems in captured file, fixed them, andcreated a new file.

      4) Premier Pro has no problems with this new file.

      Software sells for $50 and definitely worth this money.


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      I had one movie in dvd in pal system and i converted to Ntsc system using one pal dvd player and one aiwa vcr converter and one panasonic dvd copier then because I want do some authoring at the beginning like name and photo I imported in my computer using pinnacle 11.1 then i edited then click make video but the result was the video lags the sound and until now i could not find the solutions ppplease help for this amature dvd editer

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      I too am using Adobe CS4′ It started out fine but then the time line got out of
      sync. You cannot edit in the timeline when the video and audio track
      are out of sync, especially when using AB-roll. I have been going back and forth with Adobe for three
      months now and they have not come up with a solution. I have a super fast computer with 12 g ram
      and quad4 processor. I’m running Windows 7 – 64 bit. There were no format changes from the first time I used CS4 to now so it can not be the format. Anyone have any

      I have given up and switched over to Sony Vegas 9. No problem
      there but it takes 14 hours to render a 90 minute video. I was using
      green screen for most of it so that may be the reason it took so long.

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