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      <span>I am about to go insane, the .mov files only play audio on my PC but will play just fine on my laptop. My PC has windows 7 64 my laptop is windows xp 32, I downloaded the newest version of quick time I tried VLC and Windows Media Player…Also on top of that, this is suppose to be for a video editing project, I was using Adobe Premier CS5.5 and when I import the clip I get the video but no audio, I searched around and a lot of people were saying that it was Divx codecs causing the problems for them, I uninstalled still no luck.</span>

      <span>I really need to start this project but I cannot for the life of me figure out a solution….if someone has any ideas please I would be at your mercy if you could give me some insight.</span>

      <span>I also tried going into the MIME settings in Quicktime to make sure that .mov was selected as an option that it can play…how ever this does not explain why VLC only playes audio and Premier will import the video but not the audio.</span>

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