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      I’ve got an AVI video in "My Videos" folder. In Premiere Elements 1.0, I clicked "Add Media" and then placed it on the timeline, however, the entire audio has vanished with the exception of just a few seconds in the beginning. The audio timeline just has a straight yellow line running across the centre for the duration of the video.

      On the other hand, if I click the video directly from its folder, it plays in Windows Media Player complete with all audio. Why is it missing in Premiere Elements? How can I get the audio to play in Elements? πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

      Thanks for any assistance with this.

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      Okay, so to add my post above here’s what I tried:

      Exported the audio from inside Premiere Elements as a .wav file, then added it back (using Add Media) into the Project and then onto the timeline. Still, not a peep can be heard from it. So, I deleted the added media, exported the audio again, this time as a .avi file and still the same thing happened.

      Read through everything about audio in the Help section of Premiere Elements and now I’m back here typing this…

      Anybody knows? 😯

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