Audio Issue using Multicam setup

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      Hello All,

      I seem to find these issues by necessity, I have three timelines, Im only using audio from #1.Its an ambient on cam mic and a lav,dual mono channels. When I drop my multicam trks to the new sequence(set for mono audio) I only have the option to use 1 audio trk or audio follows video. I need to keep my mono tracks seperated for crossfades. I guess I could always manually edit the multitrack Track which defeats the multicamshortcut, any suggestions.

      Thanks, Harry

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      FYI…I found this, will try later today…

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      The audio selection in multi-cam could use some improvements.

      An easy work-around I found is to do the following: When nesting the initial sequence into the mutli-cam sequence, do so twice resulting in two video and audio track pairs. Then enable multi-cam on one pair for cutting. Delete the second video track, and mute the mutli-cam audio track. That leaves you with a copy of the audio which should be perfectly synchronized, but where you can submix and know exactly what you’re getting without having force an audio track to be in a particular position.

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      For anyone interested this worked perfectly….Harry

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