Audio ideas for groom without jacket?

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      I got a groom that won’t be wearing a jacket. Just a button-up and suspenders…kind of an indy wedding. Any ideas for capturing the b & g vows and the pastor and whatnot? Kind of hard to lavalier him up that way…especailly when the plan was to put a handheld recoder inside his coat pocket.

      Also, the wedding is outdoors. Worried about the audio anyway…any special suggestions…never done an outdoor wedding. Obviously plannin to get windjammers, but is there anything else I should be considering?


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      How will the pastor be dressed, you can always mic him if he allows it and usually he is centered between the couple anyway. One thing I would tell the couple is that you cannot guarantee the audio for an outdoor wedding. Wind will kill the audio if it is too bad.

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      It might be best just saying that you <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>need</span> to put a lav mic on the groom. You can run the cable up inside the clothes and have it pop out by a button hole. If he has got a trouser pocket then that where you put the transmitter.

      Audio is as important as the picture and could be look at being more important, depending onwhat is happening, you see peoples mouths move and you expect to hear what they are saying.

      Now-a-days the mic is more visible then ever on TV and on the stage, around 10 years ago on stage it was common to hide the mic head in the actors hairline so that it was invisible to the eye, now they are on the side of the cheek, or on booms that are by the mouth. I am not saying does that!

      But I am say perhaps it is not in this case, a case to hide away the equipment but make it less obvious to get the best sound in the situation. You could cover the mic head lead in a coloured electrical tape that would make it more appealing to the eye or get a flesh colour mic head instead of a black one.

      I have one black and one flesh for my kits and the flesh colour is great for light clothing.

      The other option is a rifle mic situated on a floor, out of frame pointing up at the couple and with a fury windshield on it this could help as it is less windy on the ground and you could shield it from the wind by placing it near a part of the wedding furniture.

      I would also agree with Charles that you could put it on the pastor and that you need to remind the couple that you can not control the weather, so the last thing from me is waterproof all your equipment, if it not used that great but you cant stop filming in the middle of the wedding and put the rain jacket on your camera(s)!

      Hope this helps

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      thanks charles and lmvp! so glad you said something about the possibility of raining. i think they will be having the wedding at an alturnitive location if it looks highly likely to rain but i need to be prepared in case we get surprised…

      and i’ll definitely let them know about the difficulty of capturing audio in this setting…he’ll understand. i actually know the groom. he told me the pastor will be wearing a jacket unless it’s super hot.

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      Outdoor weddings can be beautiful but tricky to orchestrate for video as natural elements such as wind and rain interfere.  Even cloudy over cast days can ruin such an occasion.  The wind will most likely kill the audio.  As mentioned before, most likely best to mic somoene standing close to the groom or place the mic on an inanimate object he will be standing next too, such a stand with flowers, etc.  Such a prop could be ideal, especially if close enough to the groom to pick up his voice.



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      I think only limited personality and normal people have interest on it, but it's all are in the motif.

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      I typically mic the officiate with my Canon WM-V1 BluTooth microphone.

      I've used it outdoors, right next to the bay, on a windy day, and it sounds reasonably good under such conditions. Plus it picks up all three voices, and the ambient sounds as well. I've used this on three weddings with no complaints.

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