Audio hotshoe adapter for the HDR-HC3 available?

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      I am new to the board and purchased a Sony (consumer) HDR-HC3 1080i camera 1.5 years ago. I’m now using it quite frequently and realized that its shortcoming is that is doesn’t offer an auxilliary 1/8″ mic input. I did purchase from B&H the Sony Zoom/Gun mic that is designed to work (receives power from) the Active Interface Shoe. Does anyone know of an adapter that I can use on the shoe that will allow 3rd party gun microphones? The Sony gun mic I purchased doesn’t give me the quality i’m looking for. I’m also hoping that any 3rd party hot-shoe adapter will shut off the integrated mic, but that is probably asking for too much.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
      Dave O.

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      yes, there is an adaptor. Unfortunely for me, i live in Portugal and they dont sell it in my country. But just make a google search for “Sony VMC-K100” and you will find some places to order or maybe they will sell it in your country. I hope it helps.

      Jos Guedes

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      They don’t sell it anywhere in North America. Sony discontinued the product some time back. B & H Photo lists the item as discontinued and unavailable. eBay has no current auctions or stores listing the item. So good luck finding one. The forums are littered with requests for help in finding the adapter, all ending nowhere.

      So for the mechanically inclined out there, it shouldn’t be too hard to locate the proper connections & build a mic adapter. And from what I’ve seen, you could make several hundred dollars selling them to folks like both posters here.

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      I know these posts are old, but there is a product you should check out. It works the same as the vmc-100 but is made by a third party.

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